TUSKA 2016 tickets are on sale now! 

Tuska 2016 Tickets can be bought from Tiketti, Lippupalvelu and Lippupiste.

Travelling to TUSKA from abroad? International customers can buy Tickets & Packages from Festicket.

TICKET PRICES From 1.1.2016
(all ticket prices include ticket agency’s lowest service fee)
1 day from 70 €
2 day from 100 €
3 days from 125 €

1 day from 60 €
3 days from 115 €
Proof of age will be required when entering the festival area or when collecting the wristband for three day tickets.

All 3-day tickets will be exchanged for a wristband which allows you to leave and re-enter the festival area during festival days. The ticket can be exchanged for a wristband in advance.

Note! Only 3-day tickets will be exchanged for wristbands. All other ticket catergories allow you to enter the festival site once a day only. All tickets will be verified electronically at the festival gate or when collecting the wristband.

3-day ticket must be exchanged for a wristband personally. The wristband will be attached to the ticket holder's wrist when collecting the wristband. Separate wristbands will not be given out.

The Pre-Exhchange point is located at Tuska-Kiska kiosk, in the center of Helsinki, at Narinkkatori in Kamppi. Pre-exchange point is open during the following times:

Mon. 27.6. from 14 to 18
Tue. 28.6. from 12 to 18
Wed. 29.6. from 12 to 18
Thu. 30.6. from 12 to 19
Fri. 01.7. from 12 to 16

Starting at 12.00 on Friday 1.7. the wristbands can be exchanged at the festival gates at Suvilahti.

When entering the festival, there will be a separate line for those who have exchanged their wristband in advance.

Please note that the verification of tickets during the pre-exchange at Tuska-Kiska is done with Tiketti equipment. Meaning, if you bought your 3-day-ticket from Ticketmaster or Lippupiste, the ticket can be exchanged the next day, as all ticket information will updated to Tiketti’s database every morning.

TURBO VIP (age limit 18)
VIP 3 days from 255 €
VIP 1 day from 155 €

TurboVIP-package includes:

- TUSKA 2016 VIP pass, lanyard and wristband
- TUSKA 2016 VIP doggy bag (aka goodie bag)
- Custom TURBO VIP -necklace
- VIP entrance to the festival area
- Access to the VIP lounge. Please note that the VIP lounge is located inside a building and there is no view to the stage.
- VIP lounge services: restaurant, bar and updated VIP sanitary facilities
- One warm buffet meal each day the VIP pass is valid in Black Dining or Burger kiosks.
- Between all TURBO VIP customers, one GOLDEN MULTIPASS will be raffled, which gives access for one person to all Tuska branded gigs in Finland until June 15 2017.

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